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Reverse Mortgages – What’s What?

Do your parents say that they want to stay in their home as long as possible?  No matter what? They’re not alone.  Most seniors would rather age in their comfortable, familiar residence, but may not think ahead to what would be needed in order to make that possible.  Does the style of their home support Read More


The Sandwich Generation – You are the Main Ingredient

The Sandwich Generation;  you’ve heard about it.   It refers to people, usually middle aged females, who provide support to their own children under 18 years old, as well as to their aging parents.   Carol Abaya, of, coined the term Club Sandwich to describe an even more complicated phenomena.  Abaya is referring to a group, Read More


Complete Kitchen Safety for Seniors

I remember a childhood story that told of beautiful green trees that had juicy, sweet fruit hanging low.   The tree was the epitome of happiness and comfort.  But as the story progressed, the trees turned dark, the leaves fell off and the fruit shriveled up and fell to the ground.  The branches, which used to Read More


Seniors Don’t Wander, Until They Wander

Kayannette Gabrielle was just 56 years old when she went missing from her Valencia, California home in 2006.  She was reported missing but her disappearance remained a mystery for police.  About 4 years ago she showed up on the radar in Santa Barbara, California, some 75 miles away from home, with no memory of her Read More


Yes! Caregivers can Take a Vacation!

You already know that I think family caregivers, like you, are giving and amazing people.  I also think that they are incredibly hard working, busy, and often stressed people who usually don’t think about their own needs. You may be thinking “I don’t have time to pay attention to my own needs; Dad’s care takes Read More


Filling Senior Wishes, Tech Style

Your senior has lived a long life.  It may have been a wonderful life, or one that might not have met all their expectations.  Either way, they may have some things that they wished were different.  You can help them by trying to find out what they had wished were different; or what things they Read More

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Dear Mom, Hi, it’s me

It’s been so long, almost 15 years, and I miss you so much. I think about you just about every single day; usually in wonder or regret. There is so much that I wish was different. I have so many “sorry’s” to say and so many “I wish’s”, and a few “I hopes”. I should Read More


Understanding Hearing Loss in Seniors

Hearing loss effects our lives in many ways.  Once,  I conducted a home visit with an elderly woman and her caregiver son.  The son worked out of the home and appeared very busy running around getting food ready, tending to his mother and answering is home office phone.  He kept telling me that his mom Read More