Opportunities for Caregivers to Earn Money at Home

For many, making the transition to family caregiver means cutting back on your paying job, or even quitting it all together.  The financial sacrifices you have made are not insignificant and you are to be commended. Even if you are able to keep your paying job, you are likely spending hundreds, but more likely thousands, of dollars out of your pocket every year on the things that your senior needs in order to stay living at home.  What if you could make some money, or at least learn to save money, while home providing care for your loved one?

Many opportunities exist that allow you to work from home full time, part time, or that allow you to pick up an occasional gig now and then.  Companies around the United States are saving money by having employees work from home.  There are lots jobs out there in the tech industry, but you will also find sales, marketing, case management, education, customer support and writing/editing positions.  These jobs are work-from-home positions, or “remote” jobs.   Remote positions range from entry level all the way to executive jobs.  There just might be something out there that you can fit in your tight schedule.

Even if you already have a job, maybe you’d like to transition to a home job in order to reduce stress or be more available to your senior.  There are so many opportunities out there, but I’m going to just share 3 with you, because these 3 are so jam packed with jobs that I feel they may be all you need, or at least are a great start.  


Flexjobs is a job site just for remote, flexible, freelance or part time jobs.  You will find that the majority of the jobs are tech related, so if that’s your background, you will find a smorgasbord of jobs here.  But you’ll also find lots of non-tech positions so take time to look through everything.  

The down side of Flexjobs is that you can search all you want for free, but if you want details about a particular position, you have to join and pay $14.95 a month. Now, this could be well worth it if you are able to find the perfect remote job that allows you to have more time and attention for caring for the senior on your life.   But I’ll tell you a little secret.  I’m cheap, and don’t want to pay the fee. So When I found a job on Flexjobs that I was interested in, I copied the job title and went over to Indeed.com and pasted it in and I’m often able to find the same job posted there, for free!

Work at Home Woman

This site is jammed packed with information for the woman who want to work from home.  To get to the heart of work-at-home positions and companies that regularly hire remote workers click on the WAH Jobs link located in the top menu area.  Here, you will find over 100 work-at-home job leads.  Great articles can be found elsewhere at Work at  Home Woman such as “75+ Paid Writing Opportunities” and “10 Work-at-Home Jobs That Don’t Require Being on the Phone”.  Holly Reisem Hanna, who runs Work at Home Woman also provides tons of information about starting your own work-at-home business.


Pennyhoarder is a little different.  Not only do they post frequent articles about work-at-job opportunities, but also how to find great deals, and save money on everything you need.  This site is fun and quite addicting!  I find myself going to it almost every day because I don’t want to miss any of their advice.  I figured that many of you might need ways to save money now that you are a family caregiver.  Couldn’t we all?  

With these three resources, I think that you might be able to find a more flexible job that you can do from home.  There is hope that you can be a great care provider for your senior, as well as earn money while staying at home.   So, you can have your cake and eat it too!


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